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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions that we get at Adjustment Family Services. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

What is Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center?

Adjustments Family Services is a high-quality drug and alcohol outpatient treatment facility located in Southern California. We believe in treating the whole individual: mind, body, and spirit. We offer outpatient treatment programs for those who need structure and a program that is designed to address each client as an individual. Our goal is to help our clients continue their commitment to recovery while receiving the necessary treatment to live a productive life, free from drug and alcohol dependence.

What ages do you serve?

We treat adult men and women, ages 18 years and older, with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health disorders.

How is Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center different from other programs?

At Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center we believe in treating the whole individual: mind, body, and spirit. Our treatment approach is rooted in evidence-based therapy principles allowing our compassionate counseling staff to work with individuals to target and work through the causes of addiction, not just the symptoms. We encourage family members and spouses to be involved in the recovery process too. Our goal is to help individuals and their loved ones to build a recovery foundation to last a lifetime.

We provide an environment of ongoing, comprehensive care to promote recovery, personal accountability, and respect. The core of the program components includes group sessions, individual counseling, and family therapy which are all vital to achieving long-term recovery.

  • Process Groups and Psycho-educational groups
  • Skills Development Groups
  • Reintegration Social Skills Group
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management

What about the staff?

We have a well-trained staff of professionals fulfilling a variety of tasks. Our treatment team consists of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, licensed therapists, and clinical directors. We also work with an array of therapists ranging from yoga instructors to music and art therapists.

I’ve had treatment before and it didn’t do any good. What will be different this time?

Many people who have come to Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center have been through multiple treatment programs. We firmly believe that it is not the person who fails a treatment program, but that the past treatment programs have not been appropriate or suitable for the person.

Success also depends on the client’s willingness to be well and to take responsibility for his or her recovery with compassionate and appropriate support.

How can I do family therapy if my family does not live in California?

We recognize the importance of family therapy and will make every effort to work with the family and individual’s schedules.

How long will I stay in the program?

Treatment at Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center is personalized. You will work closely with a treatment team to build a plan of care that is appropriate based on your unique needs.

Your commitment to treatment ensures that we have adequate time to work with you on your journey at Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center. The actual course of treatment will depend on your individual treatment plan and the progress on your goals.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my treatment?

Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center does accept insurance reimbursement through most major carriers. However, insurance rarely covers the entire cost of treatment. As a courtesy to you, we will contact your insurance company to determine your available benefits and the associated out of pocket costs. We will advocate for you to receive as much insurance reimbursement as your benefit and authorization permits, however, please remember that our professional relationship is with you and not with your insurance company. Additional associated costs will be your responsibility, and we kindly request that payment arrangements be confirmed before admission.

What if I have no insurance?

We appreciate direct payment prior to admission to Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center. Our staff will work with you to determine the cost of treatment.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

  • Where do I even begin. I first want to thank everyone at AFS they truly go above and beyond for their clients. I’ve gone to several detox and outpatient programs and this is the first one i felt loved and appreciated. The program has helped me in so many ways. Gave me tools to live life on life’s terms. I wouldn’t be where i am today without this program.

    Amanda L

  • Adjustments Family Services changed my life!! Great food, great staff, wonderful place! Awesome to get to know the amazing clients and see that i was not alone in my recovery. I made friends for life in the short time i got to spend there. Not a better facility anywhere in my opinion!!The team of employees, from the Technicians all the way up to the Owner, all have a patient first mentality.

    Leto M

  • Going to treatment at Adjustments was one of the best programs I've participated in, they helped me get my life back. They have amazing staff and over all good-natured people. They focus on all aspects of counseling , case management, meetings, different types of therapy, including trauma, one on one counseling. This is coming from someone who has been traumatized and neglected. They helped me get to the root of the problem. Which most times can feel very uncomfortable but they provide groups that you participate in and communicate to other addicts and hear their life stories. They really are an organization of team working to help heal the conflicted minds of us addicts that we faced everyday. I would highly recommend this treatment program to anyone suffering from substance abuse or mental health.

    Skyy S

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