Treatment Options

At Adjustment Family Services Treatment Center, our treatment options cover more in-depth, looking past the surface symptoms of substance abuse to identify the underlying causes and conditions. Comprising a suite of best-practice treatment programs, our model utilizes the power of evidence-based therapy techniques.

At Adjustments Family Services Treatment Center, we are committed to providing integrated, evidence-based treatment options for anyone battling with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Alcohol Rehab


When an alcohol problem becomes severe enough that you realize you can’t manage it by yourself, an outpatient alcohol rehab can be the ideal solution.  If you already realize you can’t moderate or stop altogether, then you are ready for help. 

Drug Rehab


What is drug rehab? How will an outpatient addiction treatment program fit into your life? There are many advantages to receiving therapy through an outpatient treatment program.

Presence at work or school, access to a healthy recovery support system, and privacy, just to name a few.

Co-Occurring Disorders

mental-healthAbout half of people who struggle with substance addiction also live with a mental illness or disorder.

 It’s what is called a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis. Our treatment options cover most co-occurring conditions, offering a holistic addiction treatment option.

Integrated Treatment

Without effective treatment, addiction and mental illnesses will not cure themselves; in fact, there is every reason to believe they will progress. With simultaneous treatment for concurrent disorders, sufferers can manage these diseases to lead normal, productive, and enriching lives. 

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This page contains general information about therapy methods and treatment options. For more specific information about programs at The Adjustments Family Services Treatment Centers, please visit our programs page.