Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals

When you’re a professional or involved in the corporate world, your reputation is everything. The last thing you want is your challenges in life out in the open for colleagues, coworkers, and other members of the general public to see.

Regardless of how understanding the world seems to be, it only takes one person to start the wrong rumor and ruin your reputation. It may seem unfair, but when you’re a member of the corporate world, you’re judged harshly based on the way you conduct yourself in public.

When you have challenges with alcohol or substance abuse, you need an option for treatment that allows you to participate in private, without the fear of coworkers, management, or the media spotting you.

Luckily, we have options for this type of treatment at Adjustments Family Services.

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Professional Outpatient Services for Simi Valley

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals

Professional outpatient services for Simi Valley are extremely important. Many people in the area work in Los Angeles as members of the corporate world. Los Angeles is home to some of the largest corporate headquarters in the world. It’s also a giant media outlet and major market.

You need professional outpatient services in Simi Valley if you work in any of the previously mentioned environments.

Because of the proximity to Los Angeles and other major business hubs in the area, there’s a large selection of treatment facilities that offer professional outpatient services for Simi Valley.

However, it’s difficult to gauge which ones provide quality services and which ones are just throwing the name around to gain revenue. When you pay for something as vital as professional outpatient treatment services, you want to be certain that you’re getting what you pay for.

This starts with an understanding of exactly what professional outpatient treatment is. In the next section, we provide a detailed description of what this form of therapy is and how to find a quality program.

What Is an Outpatient Program for Professionals?

Individuals with substance abuse disorder have to deal with a complicated situation that could jeopardize their professional lives. This creates additional challenges to an already stressful dynamic in every other area in life (health, relationships, finances, etc.).

Outpatient programs for professionals are a fantastic course of action for individuals who suffer from alcohol or substance abuse and need help but are unable to stop working or want to attend during more private hours.

Some of these programs even have telehealth available. This means that clients could potentially attend all outpatient sessions on a remote basis, completely eliminating the need to be seen entering a treatment facility in public.

Regardless of what a client ends up choosing for their preferred attendance to treatment sessions, their requirements must be fulfilled regarding confidentiality and discretion.

Confidentiality and Discretion for Professionals

When you work as a professional or are involved in the corporate department of a major organization, the way you’re viewed in the public eye is important. Things you do outside of work or garner attention from will always be directly connected to your organization’s brand and image.

Nobody begins using any substance or alcohol with the intention of developing a dependence. Likewise, the last thing the individual wants to do is give their organization a negative reputation because of their personal challenges in life.

For some people, it may seem unfair or uncompassionate, but the bottom line is this: Once you decide to climb the corporate ladder, you assume the responsibility of constantly being a picture of that brand in almost everything you do. When you have a high-profile position in a company, you must maintain a positive, well-presented image. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your position within the company.

It’s not only your image that’s at stake but also your family’s. The last thing you want is to have your loved ones associated with the negative stigmas surrounding alcohol or substance abuse disorder.

Over the last few years, the world has opened up and developed a more open-minded approach toward some kinds of substance use. However, the truth is – people still judge, and you simply can’t take the risk of damaging information becoming common knowledge.

At Adjustments Family Services, we have the capabilities to fulfill these requirements. Our wide range of services and options gives you access to the discretion and privacy you need.

The Range of Adjustments Family Services

Adjustments Family Services has a wide range of options for professionals who need more private options for treatment. Additionally, we’re versatile when it comes to the different types of treatment we provide. If you’re a professional in need of substance abuse services, consider the following:

  • Our admissions staff is available 24/7. If you need to make arrangements to enter our facilities at the most discreet hours, we have that option available. It doesn’t matter the time, day or night; we’re available to get you into one of our programs.
  • Most facilities do their outpatient treatment programs in the morning or during the day. Most sessions end around 4 or 5 pm. We understand that this is the busiest time of day, and discretion is almost impossible during these hours. This is why we have late evening sessions available for you to attend when things have quieted down, and you can receive services with more privacy.
  • If you want to remain completely out of public view or from out of state and still want outpatient services, we have telehealth options available. This program all but guarantees complete privacy while you still get the attention you need.

Besides our options for privacy, we take pride in all of our work being backed by solid, provable research that drives results. When you begin with evidence-based methods, you take the guesswork out of treatment and build on a solid foundation.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals

Evidence-Based Practices in Everything We Do

One of the most important elements of receiving quality care is making sure the services you offer are established methods that drive real results. Everything that we do about treatment services is backed by hard evidence and real research on substance abuse disorders and mental health.

  • Dual-diagnosis treatment is a newer approach to substance abuse challenges. However, there’s been no lack of scientific and medical-based research on this approach to substance abuse treatment. We also go to great lengths to assess our clients and make sure that this, or any other approach, is the most appropriate course of action for your situation specifically.
  • Trauma-based therapy approaches are another field of study that has had its fair share of trials and clinical research. We specialize in this approach to recovery and have helped hundreds of clients achieve success with this model.
  • Our 12-step based approach to recovery speaks for itself. For decades the success of 12-step recovery programs has been well-researched and documented. We take a similar approach in one of our programs, emphasizing the peer recovery group model.

Our evidence-based approach to recovery could be one of the primary reasons why physicians refer to Adjustments Family Services.

Why Physicians Refer to Adjustments Family Services

Over the years, we’ve received countless referrals from physicians all over the area. When you’re well-reviewed and recommended by some of the top professionals in an area as large as Los Angeles, this speaks volumes for your quality and approach to care.

Our dedication to only using evidence-based forms of treatment, attention to our clients’ privacy and needs, and wide range of services have driven our reputation. Our mixture of support options is another reason why we’re so highly respected.

Professional and Peer Support for Your Recovery

Intensive Outpatient Program Near Me

When you’re going through a recovery program, especially on an outpatient basis, it’s critical that you have several areas of support since you won’t be with us 24/7. We firmly believe that the more solid the support system you have, the higher your chances become for long-term recovery.

We take the following approach to ensure you have the support you need during treatment. If that’s not enough, we can also help you put together a strong support system for your personal life as well. Consider the following in-house support systems:

  • It’s a given that when you enter treatment, you’re going to receive some level of support from mental health professionals. However, we take a specialized approach to this, ensuring the support you receive is efficient and 100% focus is placed on your specific treatment plan. Therefore we assign several different counselors and professionals to one client. If you’re receiving care for dual-diagnosis or there are multiple levels of treatment involved, it only makes sense to assign more than one professional to handle your treatment plan. This ensures that no specific counselor gets stretched thin and allows your treatment plan to decrease in quality at any time.
  • Our second level of support comes from our belief in the 12-step recovery treatment model. This takes place in addition to your already personalized recovery plan and ensures you another level of support to help you remain strong when things get challenging. Sometimes it takes more than just a professional to give you the encouraging words or critical advice you need when you’re on your recovery journey. Counselors and therapists are professionals for a reason – they do it by the book, and they understand the scientific approach behind the treatment. However, nothing can replicate advice you receive from someone that’s speaking from real-life experience. No matter what, the client and doctor relationship will always be professional, no matter how friendly the atmosphere is. Peer engagement tends to form a different bond, and the trust factor is much higher. People trust others that are like them or have been in relatable situations. This is why the 12-step treatment model is so powerful.

What to Expect: The Benefits of Professional Outpatient Treatment

We’ve given you a glimpse into what you can expect as far as treatment goes during our professional outpatient treatment. But what are some additional benefits you may be able to expect during and after therapy? These are some of the additional benefits you receive from participating in professional outpatient treatment specifically.

  • Additional time with family and loved ones
  • You can continue to work during the day and attend private sessions in the evening
  • You’ll take part in a structured environment where you’re held accountable and receive random testing each week
  • A chance to work on family healing in a discreet, comfortable environment

At Adjustments Family Services, we can help you with discreet substance abuse disorder, dual-diagnosis, and even mental-health-specific care. All these services are available in a professional outpatient schedule with the highest levels of privacy.

Don’t take the risk of having your business become everyone else’s business. You worked too hard to get where you are. When you’re ready to let AFS handle your discreet treatment services, contact admissions, and we’ll get you started.

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